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"Thank you Broberg PT for your fantastic therapy on my full replacement knee surgery all your staff were great and a big thank you to Poorva Kulkarni who was so caring and patience with my recovery "
Jul 08, 2022
"I worked with Ankita Ranga for about 2 months to recover from a severe muscle spasm in my neck and right shoulder. Her treatments, in combination with the exercises she recommended I do at home resulted in a complete recovery and I am now pain free. I also now have more strength in my upper back and chest areas. She helped me understand what she was doing, as well as why the exercises were important. The staff was very efficient and friendly, and they were always ready to start my exercises as soon as I checked in."
May 04, 2022
"The PT experience for my knee condition (torn meniscus) was beyond my expectations. The team, Ankita in particuler, guided me to build strength in my lower body. I appreciated the crisp guidance, respectful corrections. and the helpful attitude. Ankita expressed clear, concise advice on how I could continue exercises at home. I appreciate the expertise of the whole team in making my life more comfortable!"
Apr 28, 2022
"I’ve been to one other physical therapy place before, but I can honestly say that Broberg Physical therapy is by far the best. Each one of their staff is attentive, supportive, and friendly. Physical Therapist Ankita is excellent. Even though she only saw me a couple of times, she went out of her way to acknowledge and encourage me while I was doing my exercises. It says a lot about a person when they remember your name after only a few times. She knew the types of exercises that were needed to help improve the function and flexibility of my knee after replacement surgery. You can tell that she specializes in quality care. I highly recommend Ankita Ranga and Broberg Physical Therapy for all of your physical therapy needs."
Apr 07, 2022
"Broberg Physical Therapy is excellent. They are friendly, professional, and caring. Physical Therapist Poorva took the time to assess what I needed to help improve the function and flexibility of my knee after replacement surgery. She listened intently to each one of my concerns, and was able to provide answers that were concise and professional. She knew exactly the type of exercises and stretches that were needed to help improve my endurance and balance. Her encouragement and friendly manner helped me improve quicker. I highly recommend Poorva Kulkarni at Broberg Physical Therapy because of her vast knowledge and ability to help patients improve their mobility. "
Apr 07, 2022
"Broberg Physical Therapy has helped change my life for the better! Have been going to them for the past three months for a MVA injury and this has been the best medicine to date. Everyone is so organized and professional here. Out of all of the places I’ve had to visit for my healthcare, Broberg and Dr. Krishan are above and beyond Number One. They’ve been the most supportive & continue to offer positive experiences. Thank you!"
Mar 25, 2022
"Wayne and his team have helped me recover from three separate injuries (back/shoulder/sciatica). Not only did I regain function and strength quickly, Wayne taught me ways to avoid future injury. I continue to stretch and exercise using the techniques taught to me during my trips to physical therapy, even though I'm at full strength. I value the opportunity I had to work with the team at Broberg Physical Therapy and I definitely recommend them to others!"
Oct 14, 2021
"I spent about 6 months attempting to rehab my Achilles prior to realizing I needed surgery. Following surgery, Stephanie and all the PT aides went above and beyond to make my rehab fun, efficient and ultimately, I left there knowing I was "fixed". I miss my PT friends and I am so grateful for their incredible care, yet I wish I could go back (but I'll try to stay away!). As a fellow medical professional, I know good care when I receive it and you all are the best! Thank you for the kind, compassionate, and educated professional care I received. "
Jul 15, 2021


Every session is dealt on an individual basis, according to my specific needs for that exact time. I appreciate feeling that I am an important patient – the care that I am given really reciprocates those feelings. My specific problems are addressed at every visit – according to the problems I am experiencing at that exact time.

You have helped me with the one aspect of care that I had not even thought of. Your care and experience has improved my overall health and made everyday bearable. I have a new lease on life without the help of more medication….that’s all I would need – another pill. I don’t know what I would do without your help…I appreciate the care you give to me.

You guys are great, and when someone is in pain it is a real plus to work with people, such as yourselves, who put you on the road to recovery with your positive attitudes and good sense of humor.

I am extremely satisfied with your services. You really go above and beyond my expectations. I would never go anywhere else….why should I — when I get the best of care in my own backyard!?!

You always take your time, listen well and have a knack for figuring out what is wrong.

Wayne gives very personal service and very knowledgeable in how to treat my various injuries. He has also taught me how to strengthen areas to prevent further injuries.