Pilates (Back Stabilization)

Broberg Physical Therapy provides Pilates as a service for back stabilization. Treatments/sessions are provided by a licensed physical therapist with an extensive education background and years of experience with working with back stabilization/core strengthening. Each program will be personalized meeting each individuals needs taking into consideration previous injuries and health condition. A thorough evaluation will be conducted prior to implementing the exercise regimen so that one's needs/goals are individually met. In many cases, health insurance will cover the treatments when provided by a licensed physical therapist, limiting your out of pocket expense. Your preferred physical therapy provider is also in network with more than 100 insurance companies.

What is Pilates exactly? Pilates is a system of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With specific exercise training using a reformer device Pilates has been proven to be a very valuable fitness system and important adjunct to physical rehabilitation and professional sports training. Pilates yields a number of benefits including increased strength and flexibility focused on abdomen and back muscles, increased coordination both mental and muscular, and improved posture, balance, and most importantly increased core strength. Many clients report increased positive body awareness and improved joint condition. With a series of treatments/ sessions one gains balance and control over their body.